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Technical support excellence has been in focus at AutoRemind since Day 1. We take pride in being helpful, responsive and always strive to do better. Being a small tech business helping small healthcare and veterinary practices, we know how important it is to get help when you need it. We are committed to excellence not only in our products but also in our services.

If you are experiencing an issue with one of our products, please create a ticket by emailing support@autoremind.com. Our ticket system allows you and our team to move quickly and track the progress of your resolution. After the ticket is created, you can schedule a call with us at your convenience. For screen sharing, use the links below.

We monitor feedback

Our team prides itself on tackling issues quickly and working hard to resolve them in a timely manner. If you are not satisfied with the process or pace, you can escalate your issue to manager@autoremind.com. We send out survey requests after every closed ticket and monitor all feedback. We want to do the best we can.

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AutoRemind technical support team takes care of our customers from the minute they start their free trial. The team conducts a training during which we teach our clients how to use the system to get the most benefits before you pay us anything. AutoRemind invites customer to use our service for free for 30 days. 9 out of 10 trialists convert to paying customers – our product speaks for itself!

Watch the accompanying video to learn more about our support team.

What our Doctors say about us

AutoRemind Tech Support Team is always there when we needed them, they are lifesavers!


Roberta Ursetti
Office Manager,
Premier Behavioral Health Services

"AutoRemind Technical Support Team was knowledgeable, professional, and empathetic. Because of their flexibility and sense of urgency, we were able to stay open. From all of us and our patients - thank you AutoRemind!"

Text Messaging user manual

AutoRemind send various reminder messages and you can block some while allowing others. We send messages from a generic short code with the number 74527 or via a specific 10-Digit phone number assigned to the healthcare office. Send the following codes to the number provide by your healthcare provider to interact with AutoRemind.

To allow for Reminder messages text START REMINDER
To allow Newsletter messages text START NEWSLETTER
To allow Birthday messages text START BIRTHDAY
To allow Late Payment messages text START LATEPAYMENT
To allow Missed appointment messages send START MISSEDAPPOINTMENT
To allow Recall messages send START RECALL
To allow Sales messages send START SALES
To allow Short Notice messages send START SHORTNOTICE
To allow Seasonal greetings send START SEASONALGREETING
To allow Survey invitations send START SURVEY

To block for Reminder messages send STOP REMINDER
To block Newsletter messages send STOP NEWSLETTER
To block Birthday messages send STOP BIRTHDAY
To block Late Payment messages send STOP LATEPAYMENT
To block Missed Appointment messages send STOP MISSEDAPPOINTMENT
To block Recall messages send STOP RECALL
To block Sales messages send STOP SALES
To block Short Notice messages send STOP SHORTNOTICE
To block Seasonal greetings send STOP SEASONALGREETING
To block Survey invitations send STOP SURVEY
To make it easier we also allow you to text STOP and we will stop the message type you got last.

You will receive a response with instructions within a few minutes.

To request help send HELP or you can contact us at support@autoremind.com

There is no fee to participate in our service, though standard messaging, calling and data fees may apply if your carrier requires it. Check your mobile plan for more details. You may receive approx. 1-5 messages per month.

AutoRemind works on all US carriers, but the recipient’s phone must be ‘text-message enabled’ to receive such messages (also referred to as SMS).