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AutoRemind is an independent healthcare tech business servicing small and medium sized medical and veterinary practices throughout the United States and globally. We first started in Denmark in 2006, then established a presence in the USA in 2008, and have since had our home base in the NYC area. Initially offering a singular reminders product, the company has since broadened its portfolio to encompass 20 innovative solutions. This expansion underscores our commitment to innovation, customer feedback, continuous development, and adapta bility within the competitive healthcare tech landscape. AutoRemind’s journey speaks volumes about our dedication to enhancing practice efficiency and patient care through technology.

Meet the CEO

Bo Nielsen is the CEO and Founder of AutoRemind. Bo started his IT career with LEGO which he joined as a 19-year-old computer game protégé to help the iconic Danish toy company move into software. Since then, Bo started several companies. In 2006 he started AutoRemind running it from his living room and a local café in Copenhagen.

“We started with appointment reminders , driven by the goal of optimizing healthcare and making worklife simpler by automating communication between doctors and patients. Today we still optimize and automate communication, but have many more products. We have also branched out into practice marketing. We help doctors and vets to get client attention via text, email, phone, website and social.”

Learn more about Bo at bonielsen.com

The story behind


The idea behind AutoRemind's name is deeper than most people think. The verb 'automate' means to convert a process that is normally handled by humans into an automated operation with no human time spent. 'Remind' means to make someone aware of something important or something they forgot and prompt them to take a course of action.

When we started AutoRemind, our name communicated that instead of practice employees calling to remind patients about their appointments, AutoRemind would handle it for them. Today, we automatically encourage people to leave reviews, schedule new appointments on time, complete surveys, or take advantage of great offers.

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Do you want to be our Reseller?

AutoRemind has a strong long-standing reseller partner program. We appreciate the resellers we currently work with and welcome new ones. If you are a reseller and would like to work with us, contact our partnership team partnership@autoremind.com

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How to reach us

AutoRemind Inc.

157 1st Street, Unit 301
Jersey City, NJ, 07302

US contact:
Toll Free: (800) 277-1299
Fax: (800) 277-1382
Sales: ext 1
Leave message for support: ext 2
Administration: ext 3

AutoRemind A/S

Sankt Nikolaj Vej 8, 4. sal
1953 Frederiksberg C.
Copenhagen, Denmark

EU contact:
Phone: +45 3118 1020

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If you need to get in contact with us, please use one of the following email addresses:

Sales: sales@autoremind.com
Support: support@autoremind.com