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Appointment Reminders

Our state-of-the-art Reminders go out as many times as you need, on a flexible schedule set by you, using the communication channel preferred by your clients: email, text, or voice. Set them up once and they will help you keep your schedule full!

Product details

AutoRemind makes one of the most advanced reminder systems in the market to help make you work easier. Our Reminders utilize smart technology to make it easy to bring patients in for their appointments, regardless of circumstances:
  • Choose between text, email, phone calls (or a combination of those) based on your patient’s communication preference
  • Send as many reminders per appointment as you want, at a time of your or your patient’s choice
  • Allow patients to get reminders when the appointment is created
  • Adjust reminders per appointment type based on adaptive messaging technology
  • Create specific reminder types based on the patient type (new vs existing, etc)
  • Block for messages on specific weekdays or dates
  • Block reminders for certain doctors or certain parts of their schedule
  • Get your message designed with have your logo and branding
  • They are also convenient and user-friendly for the patients, leading to better patient engagement and outcomes
  • Combine multiple appointments into one reminder as needed so families with several members would get one reminder
  • State a location for your appointment in the reminders
  • Include instructions for your appointment depending on the appointment type
  • Include form links as required for specific appointment types

Watch video

Check out this video of Kaitlyn sharing how our Reminders helped her practice

Forward to 1:10 to hear specific feedback on Reminders or watch the entire video to see what features help Kaitlyn. She is also talking about Two-Way Texting (you can learn more about it here)

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AutoRemind allows you to select and pay only for the features that your practice needs.
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