This Subscription Agreement (the “Subscription Agreement”) sets forth the understanding between AUTOREMIND, Inc. (“AUTOREMIND”) and you (the “Subscriber”) with respect to the provision of the AUTOREMIND service (the “AUTOREMIND Service”) for delivery of messages (each a “Message”) to the Subscriber’s customers, clients, and patients (each, a “Customer”) of scheduled appointments, late payments, sales messages or other information. This Subscription Agreement is valid and effective as of the date of acceptance by Subscriber (the “Effective Date”).

A. The Subscription Agreement. The agreement between AUTOREMIND and the Subscriber regarding the AUTOREMIND Service consists of the following:
(i) This Subscription Agreement;
(ii) The Price Lists; and
(iii)The General Terms and Conditions annexed hereto as (the “Terms and Conditions”)

B. Condition to AUTOREMIND Service. The AUTOREMIND Service is available only to subscribers who have installed an AUTOREMIND authorized client management software solution on their workstations or servers.

C. Plan Selection. The Subscriber may select one or more AUTOREMIND Service plans as described in the Price Lists per the pricing set forth therein.

D. Messages. Subscribers may complete Messages using the proprietary AUTOREMIND templates. Messages may be delivered by one or more of the following methods, as selected by the Subscriber: mobile telephone text message (also known as Short Message System or “SMS”), email, voice call, voicemail, or other communication technology, or a combination thereof.

E. Support. AUTOREMIND shall provide help desk support via a dedicated email address ( and online portal (via AUTOREMIND shall respond to any email inquiries for help desk support within twenty four (24) hours (on weekdays) of receipt of an email message from a Subscriber. Insofar as AUTOREMIND is required by applicable service agreements with mobile carriers to offer customer support to Customers, Subscriber hereby authorizes AUTOREMIND to communicate directly with Customers for customer service, quality assurance and related matters.

F. Term of Agreement. This Agreement shall be effective beginning upon the Effective Date and for a period of three (3) months thereafter, and shall automatically renew on a monthly basis, unless terminated pursuant to Section 19 of the Terms and Conditions.

G. Payment and Billing Terms. Subject to Section “H”, below, the fees and costs for the AUTOREMIND Service are comprised of: (i) a one-time set up fee (the “Set-Up Fee”); (ii) a subscription fee (the “Subscription Fee”); and (iii) a transaction fee (the “Transaction Fee”).
(1) Set-Up Fee. Subscriber shall be billed for the Set-Up Fee in the initial AUTOREMIND invoice.
(2) Subscription Fee. Subscriber shall be billed for the Subscription Fee on a monthly basis, at the beginning of the month, throughout the Term.
(3) Transaction Fee. A Transaction Fee for the delivery of Messages shall be billed to the Subscriber on a per message basis on a monthly basis, at the beginning of the month, with either a prepaid flat fee tier or by usage based on the previous month’s message activity, throughout the Term.
(3) Payment Terms. Subscriber’s credit card or bank account shall automatically be charged by the 1st day of every calendar month for the Set-Up Fee; accrued Subscription Fees and the Transaction Fees in accordance with this Section G. AUTOREMIND reserves the right to charge interest at the rate of 1.5% per month on overdue payments, and/or to suspend the AUTOREMIND Service in the event of delays in payment.
(4) Taxes. Subscriber shall be responsible for the payment of any and all currently applicable or hereinafter imposed taxes, duties, levies, fees and other charges that are imposed by any local, national, public or quasi-public government entity that arise out of or affect the provision of the AUTOREMIND Service.

H. Subscriber Consent to Receipt of AUTOREMIND Communications. By checking “Yes” below, Subscriber hereby consents to the receipt of messages from AUTOREMIND by SMS, email, fax, voicemail, voice message, and any other means by which AUTOREMIND communicates with its subscribers. Subscriber’s consent shall specifically cover the telephone number provided by Subscriber to AUTOREMIND for Subscriber’s account, and Subscriber specifically consents to AUTOREMIND’s use of auto-dialer and/or pre-recorded or artificial voice technologies. Such messages may include, without limitation, service announcements, service-related notices, termination notices, AUTOREMIND Software updates, and AUTOREMIND sales and promotional content. Subscriber specifically waives any claims under the CAN-SPAM Act, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, 47 U.S.C. § 227 et seq (“TCPA”), and any similar state and federal laws in connection with such communications. SUBSCRIBER ACKNOWLEDGES THAT IT HAS BEEN HEREBY ADVISED THAT ITS AGREEMENT TO THIS SECTION H IS NOT A CONDITION TO THE RECEIPT OF THE AUTOREMIND SERVICE, AS CONTEMPLATED BY THE TCPA, AND THAT SUBSCRIBER HAS NEITHER REQUESTED NOR BEEN REFUSED THE OPPORTUNITY TO DECLINE TO GIVE ITS CONSENT TO THE RECEIPT OF ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATIONS.


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