Dear Valued Patient,
We are thrilled to announce our Enhanced Services Program at Endocrinology Consultants!

At a time when exceptional medical care is more important than ever and many physicians are dropping out of Medicare as well as other insurance plans, we at Endocrinology Consultants are committed to ensuring that all of our patients continue to receive excellent medical care.
Due to the great demand from our patients for more customized rapid access, both in the office and outside, Endocrinology Consultants is pleased to offer an Enhanced Services Program.
Our program offers a number of exciting features:

• Prompt access to a dedicated patient care coordinator during office hours. As a participant in our program, you will receive a special phone number to make direct contact with the care coordinator for your office needs.
• The patient care coordinator can assist with making current appointments, follow-up appointments, and referral and procedural appointments.
• Expedited assistance for obtaining prior approval for referrals, prescriptions, and imaging services, when needed.
• Improved appointment availability with reduced waiting periods for scheduling appointments.
• Shorter wait times for non-urgent office visits.
• Guaranteed expedited appointment availability with your provider.

If you decide to participate in our Enhanced Services Program, the charge will be an out-of-pocket expense to you. It is not covered by Medicare, commercial insurance companies or third-party payers. Other than the annual fee to retain these services, all other charges will be billed consistent with our past practices.
The annual fee per patient to participate in Endocrinology Consultant’s Enhanced Services Program is $4,500.
We want to make it clear that participation in our Enhanced Services Program is completely optional, and there will be no change in the quality of care you receive should you choose not to participate.
We also understand that the fee of $4,500, paid on an annual basis (which on average only comes out to $375/month), may not be feasible for everyone, and we encourage you to speak with an office manager if you have any concerns.

If you decide to participate, simply complete the information below with your signature. A team member will contact you regarding payment. Once you are signed up, you will be sent all the necessary contact information in the welcome packet.

Thank you for considering our Enhanced Services Program. We are excited to offer this exclusive opportunity to our patients, and look forward to continuing to provide exceptional care to you and your loved ones.


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