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Thank you for selecting Nuby Pediatrics as your primary care provider. We look forward to watching your child grow. The insurance for a newborn can be a little tricky in that the process could take up to 4 weeks or sometimes longer. The most important thing to remember along with everything else, is to contact your insurance company to let them know that the baby has arrived, and you are ready to begin with the process of adding them to the policy.

For the first appointment after being discharged from the hospital we will accept that the insurance is pending, with the understanding that you have called your insurance and notified them of the baby’s birth. By the 1 month mark we will need to have an ID number and if applicable, Nuby Pediatrics listed as the primary care provider. If at the 1-month check-up we do not have an ID number and if applicable, Nuby Pediatrics listed as the pcp, your account will be considered a self-pay account and you will be responsible for payment at the time of visit.

*** PRIVATE INSURANCE*** Parents with private health insurance will usually have auto coverage for the first 30 days if you notify the insurance plan that your child has been born. We will call and ask for benefits from your insurance plan for newborn coverage. They do not consider us calling to ask for benefits a notification of child’s birth. It is important that the parents call immediately to notify the insurance plan of the child’s birth, so the account doesn’t result in a patient balance. Even if the baby will not remain on the insurance after the 30 days.

*** MEDICAID *** Parents with medicaid plans, sometimes the plan will tell you that the baby is covered under the mother’s ID number for the first 30 days. While that may be true, we have found it very difficult to submit claims for the baby under mom’s ID number. PARENTS NEED TO CALL 211 AND THE MEDICAID PLAN MOM IS CURRENTLY ENROLLED IN. (IE: AMERIGROUP, COOKS, AETNA). It is our office policy to not bill with mom’s medicaid number with the expectation that the parent will provide the child’s ID number within the 1-month mark. If we do not have the ID number at the 1-month check-up we will bill the patient the balance of any previous visits and patient will be listed as self-pay from then on, till insurance is in effect AND WE ARE LISTED AS THE PRIMARY CARE PROVIDER.


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