Behavior Clinic Policies

- A no show appointment (same day cancellation, 15 minutes late to appointment, or not attending appointment) will result in a fee of $100 AND DISCHARGE FROM THE BEHAVIORAL CLINIC. The parent/guardian is required to notify the office at least 24 hours prior to cancel appointment. *Anyone with Medicaid or Chip insurance will not be charged a No Show fee*
- As a courtesy, our behavior appointment coordinator will give you a call to schedule your child’s next appointment. If this call is not answered, it is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to call our office back and schedule the appointment.
- Please contact our office at least 1 week prior to needing a refill(s) for ADHD/ADD medications due to the monitoring and documentation process requirements.
- If a pharmacy is out of stock of a child’s medication, it is the parent/guardian's responsibility to find a pharmacy with the medication in stock and let our office know as soon as possible.
- If your child is prescribed medication, the provider requires the patient to be seen at least every 3 months as well as their well visits up to date. The purpose of these visits is to monitor medication, side effects and vital signs. This requirement is non-negotiable. If the patient is due for a monitoring visit, no medications will be prescribed until the patient has been seen.
- We require an adult (18 years+) to be physically present at the appointment with the patient.
- Telehealth visits require parent/guardian AND PATIENT present during video calls. No exceptions.
- Please be aware that “poor planning on the requestor’s part is not an emergency on our offices’ part.

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