Reminding patients to spend their Flex Spending Account (FSA) funds is a way to keep in touch

Finding ways to stay top of mind with patients is important for every healthcare practice. As 2021 is coming to its final stretch, Flex Spending could be one of the reasons to reach out to try a create more business at the end of the year. Doctors O’Dwyer and Colavito from Primary Eyecare send their patients FSA messages every year to remind that their eye doctors care!

AutoRemind allows you to deliver your sales message to the entire patient database, digitally. You can reach them by email, text or call depending on their communication preference. It is inexpensive and simple to create on your own. To use this feature most effectively, make sure to keep your patients' contact data current as they change for many reasons: patients move, change emails or get new phone numbers.

Make it a rule for your staff to check “the best way to contact” just like they check for insurance information.
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Please reach out to us about communicating to your patients for as little as $9 ot $19 additional a month. Our Sales Executive Henry is ready to answer your questions.

Call him on 646-880-4390, email (by clicking contact us) or even TEXT Henry on 646-854-4390 us to get the dialog started.

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