The simple answer is - because you don’t want them to forget about your practice given many options they have.

Digital communication will help you stay top of mind with your patients and increase your revenue. The example that we see most often is the “follow up” appointment. Dentists follow up about cleaning, pediatric practices ask parents to set up immunization appointments, chiropractors note the importance of alignment and eye doctors ask patients to complete their annual eye exam. There are so many good reasons to encourage patients to stay in touch! End of the year presents additional opportunities to talk to patients. For example, remind them about their flex spending accounts (FSA) so they would spend leftover funds on your services. With the holidays coming up, you can send them a Thanksgiving or Christmas greeting. You can use email, text or even calls to keep your patients engaged.

Best Practice advice: Keep Your Contact Data Up To Date 
To stay top of mind with patients, you need to keep your patients' contact data current. This should be as important as keeping their insurance information up to date. Database errors happen for many reasons: patients move, change emails or get new phone numbers. Make it a rule for your staff to double check “the best way of emailing and texting/calling” just like they check for insurance.
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