Hello Crystal Users,

Please check out the announcement about AutoRemind's Two-way texting feature that integrates with online forms of your choice and provides a convenient, time-saving check-in workflow for Crystal users.

Ben Walton
Director of Marketing
Crystal Practice Management

Improve customer service and become more accessible.
Our clients often mention that patients complain how hard it is to get in touch with their eye doctor because of the busy lines or voicemail phone tag. Using Two-way texting would make you practice more accessible and responsive. Your patients will be more satisfied with your service.

Get off the phone! It will save you time
Healthcare offices still use phones for many tasks as they are still a workflow staple. However, it’s time to get off the phone. You can save a lot of time by texting your patients about a time change or instructions prior to their appointment. Not to mention stopping time-consuming balance due calls and using texts instead. During pandemic, we saw many of our clients simplify front office logistics by using Two-way texting to manage curbside check-in and send links to online intake or refill forms.
Get in touch
Please reach out to AutoRemind. Sales Executive Henry is ready to answer your questions.

Call him on 646-880-4390, email (by clicking contact AutoRemind below) or even TEXT Henry on 646-880-4390 to get started on your free trial.

Check out our demo. This video demostrates both Two-way texting and AutoRemimnd's online intake forms. Please note that our Two-way texting works with any online form system you may already have. Start a free trial to see for yourself!

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